Hanya sekadar luahan Si Penulis...


"If you' re alone, I ' ll be your shadow. If you
want to cry, I' ll be your shoulder . If you
want a hug, I' ll be your pillow. If you need to
be happy , I' ll be your smile . . . But anytime
you need a friend , I' ll just be me. "

i want to cry for this qoute , it just like i am imagine all of my friend what have done to me . They we so cheerful and love to laughing together same like me . We were divided into two group , half of we were group A and the another half group B . So it will be seventy-two all of us . Eventhough we were in the same class and we just like one big family . But when lecturer are not in the class , our class will be just like having a big trouble because we always make noisy till the other class can hear our voice . Even we were scolded we still make the same mistakes again and again . So the conclusion is we always keep reminding ouselves to control our voice . And then we have our favourite lecturer , his name is Sir Mohd Fadzly Bin Ab Rahim . His is our favourite subject lecturer because he always make we laugh .

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